Why are People Buying Shoes Online? Let Me Count the Ways

These days, finding the perfect pair of shoes is only a click away. The enormous online shoe selection is something that your local shoe store just can’t match. Whether you are looking for boots, dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes or some comfy slippers you will find exactly what you need at the price you want and in the size that fits you. Why are people buying shoes online? It’s easy, for selection, price and convenience.

Some online stores offer the largest selection of shoes anywhere with 250 top brands of the most styles per brand, the broadest range of materials, colors, sizes, and widths, and with the most up to date fashions. Find shoes in sizes ranging from a women’s size 2 to a size 17 or a men’s size 1 to a size 20, with width’s running from extra narrow to extra wide.

In addition, you can find online discounts that provide savings of up to 65% off, so why would you want to shop anywhere else? Plus, on some websites you can see what other customers think by checking out customer’s reviews and ratings on the thousands of shoes and accessories; enjoy free shipping with live customer service and free returns.

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Real Estate Rookies Need to Work Smarter, Not Harder!

The housing boom has attracted a flood of newcomers to the real estate profession. Those that have been downsized, retirees and even people who just want a better life style see real estate careers as exciting, less stressful and offering high rewards.

But they soon discover that the real estate profession is saturated and very competitive. It is difficult to break into the market and gain a clientele. Sadly, following the standard real estate formula for new agents usually leads to several years of long hours with low compensation. Most give up and drop out, and their brokers and “established” agents gladly follow up on any leads they may have generated.

According to a recent study by the National Association of REALTORS®, rookie agents are working more but earning less. Agents who have been in real estate for two years or less earned an average of just $12,850 in 2004, and most (54 percent) reported working more than 40 hours weekly. This figure dropped from a median income of $27,973 earned in 2002. Conclusion: there are a lot more people in real estate now all competing for the same business. Trying to gain traction strictly through referrals, sitting in open houses, sending out postcards or handing out flyers is a long haul for novice REALTORS.

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Body Piercing – Things to Think About

Body piercing has become very popular of late, from noses to genitals. But it’s not as new as some may think.

There are many different styles and variations to choose from. All have different pain levels and aftercare procedures. Research your chosen area and piercing before going ahead.

Genital piecing has been around for many years and has been documented through out history from tribal ritual to the karma sutra.
The biggest debate seems to be the ‘pain or pleasure’ one. Does a piercing increase sexual pleasure or is it not worth going through the pain?

Piercings are available for both men and women, obviously every body is different but the general feedback seems to be on the positive for sexual enhancement.

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The Amazing Collection Of Kurtis To Redefine Fashion

The Indian textile industry is passing through a drastic change. The new evolving fashion trends have metamorphosed the designing patterns of the outfits. Every day, designers launch new collections in order to set new fashion trends. The kurtis are definitely the most amazing innovation of Indian designers. These have gained huge popularity owing to the fact that these offer wide flexibility to the wearer. These perfectly match every occasion.

The kurtis are basically the metamorphosed version of the traditional ladies kameez. The designers have transformed these into the shape of the western tops. We can say that these are the best example of the Indo-Western style. While creating these, the designers use innovative cuts along with the appealing shapes in order to offer impeccable designs.

The comprehensive range of kurtis is available in the market. The leading brands as well as various online stores are offering their collection in fascinating motifs & layouts. The designers are striving hard to make their collection unique from the others. They are using various color combinations in order to meet the exact requirements of the buyers. Gone are the days when women just wear the conventional colors. Nowadays, it is very difficult to predict the choice of the buyers. So, the designers are offering their collections in a wide range of colors in order to satisfy the demands of the buyers.

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Hair Color

Based on High Definition Technology, it provides excellent creativity and color results. Lipid carriers penetrate the pigments and locks in color by sealing it to the surface of the hair making color last long. Igora Royal ensures 100% white hair coverage and offers true to tuft results. Igora Royal has introduced Color World that includes shades SENEA, ABSOLUTES and FASHION LIGHTS that can meet the diverse demands of clients.

This high-definition hair color promises up to 50 per cent longer color retention and up to 25 per cent higher vibrancy for long-lasting results.

How to mix IGORA ROYAL?

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